Committing Time: Justen Carrero

Committing Time: Justen Carrero
February 11, 2016

Finding the time to do the activities students once did in the years prior to college seems to be getting harder and harder while trying to balance a rigorous class schedule and focus on different things involving a student’s career path. Senior, Justen Carrero says it’s no different for him, which is why intramural sports seem to be a perfect fit for his schedule.

“I enjoy playing sports while still having time to focus on my school work,” explained Carrero. “Our school offers a great intramural program that allows you to play the sports you like while only committing your time to [it] once a week.”

It seems that the students who play division sports in college are the students who were very serious about sports growing up and even more serious about them throughout high school. Students playing sports at the colligate level prioritize their time so that, ideally, school comes first and athletics come second.

“I have thought about trying out for D3 sports in the past, but I found that intramural sports were more in line with the competition and time commitment I was looking for,” said Carrero.

Carrero mentioned that his favorite part about his intramural basketball team is being able to spend his time with friends, playing the sports they all enjoyed as kids, but also keeping up with being healthy and staying active. Despite the accommodating scheduling, he believes that the season ends too soon. Jumping back into the game without practicing for several months wasn’t easy for him.

“They could extend the season to more than four games,” said Carrero. “The first game or two takes a little adjusting to the sport, then you don’t have the opportunity to be in the playoffs.”

If a team doesn’t make playoffs, the season is only four short weeks beginning February 2nd and ending February 23rd (for the 2016 Spring semester). The first two weeks are pivotal to see which teams will make playoffs.

Carrero’s team, Hubert’s Homeboys is currently 1-1 in the second week.

Go to, scroll over the “Campus Life” tab, and click on “Athletics & Sports Recreation” to find out more about Rowan University Intramural Sports.